The famous Durham Ox gets a makeover!

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300 school children from Aycliffe Village and Firth Moor Primary schools have written, illustrated and now published their very own book! With the help of Darlington author and illustrator Liz Million, the budding writers and artists have produced the storyline, artwork and characters to help tell the tale of the Durham Ox and his astonishing ability to travel in time.

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Using his life story and their wild imaginations, together they have brainstormed ideas and sketched illustrations to help share the untold story of this remarkable beast.This book can now be left as a gift to future generations so they can Discover Brightwater for themselves.

All children involved were given their own copy of the book, here are the Firth Moor Primary School children proudly showing-off the first edition of Billy and the Bull – The Tale of the Durham Ox.

The book will be officially launched on 25th April 2020 as part of the Discover Brightwater BIG Weekend. Liz Million will be hosting a free illustration workshop at Newton

Aycliffe Library alongside a number of events across the weekend.

Full details will be announced on our website and social pages @Discoverbwlp.

Shocking Secret of Durham Ox Revealed 7Sarah Barton, Community & Training Manager at Groundwork North East and Cumbria said:“ It’s been a pleasure to work alongside Liz and the wonderfully creative children from our local schools.The project has not only helped bring the Durham Ox character to life, it’s been a fantastic opportunity for the kids to give something back to the community, explore their hidden talents and learn more about our heritage.”

Billy and the Bull – The Tale of the Durham Ox is the title of our new Children’s book researched, written and beautifully illustrated by local children and Liz Million.The book is now on sale for just £4.50 and will be available to buy in a number of Brightwater venues within the next few months.

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