Investors in the Environment – We’re signed up, are you?

Investors in the Environment - We’re signed up, are you? 1

Discover Brightwater is proud to proclaim that we are the first landscape partnership or major landscape-scale project to sign up to become accredited to Investors in the Environment (IiE).

Not only are we working to restore and create new wetlands in our area, which will help to capture carbon and increase bio-diversity, but we are also committed to doing it in a responsible way. We are calculating our environmental impact as we work to clean up the river and celebrate our heritage. Our aim is to show that while we’re improving rivers, creating wetlands and being kind to wildlife and little old larches we do so in a way which will be ‘carbon neutral’. In other words, by the time we’ve finished we aim not to have left a ‘carbon footprint’ behind us by replacing all the carbon dioxide equivalent emissions (CO2e) we create in going about our business with new trees and wetlands over and above what we originally set out to do.

We think we’re in good company as a number of our partners are also aiming for IiE accreditation including Durham County Council, Durham Wildlife Trust and our communications partner, Intimation. We’re all being helped as we Green the Economy of North East England (GENEE)  by those nice people at Capability North East.

If your organisation, company or business is serious about doing something about the climate change emergency then why not join us. You can find out more about Investors in the Environment and GENEE here, or contact us to become a Brightwater Business Partner.

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