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Our magazine hits the doorsteps of over 43000 local homes and businesses, 3 times a year.

Each 30-plus page edition is carefully themed to reflect our most exciting project at that time. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell the community about all of the fantastic things happening in our patch (and show off your brand…)

Reach out to the people of Brightwater with a full page advert from as little as 2p per household!

We’ve gone all “techie” with our revamped social pages and new website so there’s plenty of online advertising opportunities too!

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You’re an inquisitive one aren’t you! And you know what, it pays off!

You have unlocked and unearthed the treasured Discover Brightwater map...

Take a look around all that is on offer surrounding the River Skerne and begin your journey to Discover Brightwater.

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Simply email us with the secret code below and we’ll enter your details into our Valentines Day prize draw, for a chance to win champagne and chocolates.

The first ten people to send us their details will receive a copy of the Durham Ox Book.

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