Fishburn Woods

Every Tuesday
9.15am or 10am, until 3pm
Fishburn Woods, TS21 4AD

Fishburn Woods

With the help of Groundwork North East and Cumbria, each week we will be in Fishburn Woods managing the woodlands to improve access.

We will be widening paths, clearing glades of fallen trees, low branches, and generally opening up the space to make it more inviting.

We’ll also be creating a new entrance, clearing a pond of bulrushes and surfacing a nearby path that floods.

This is practical, and physical outdoor work all year round. Tasks include woodland management, path maintenance, pond maintenance, tree planting, coppicing.

Wear clothing you are happy to get dirty, we will provide PPE and tools. No training or previous experience necessary, just a sense of humour, a packed lunch and willingness to get stuck in.

Please email for more info.

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