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Brightwater is barking mad! We know from the profiles of our Facebook followers that we have a high preponderance of dog owners among our supporters, so we thought our four-legged friends would raise a smile... they do say dogs resemble their owners!

  • Jackie McConnell

    Jackie McConnell

    Finance and Monitoring Officer

    After a hard day keeping the Brightwater books in order Jackie enjoys nothing more than a glass a wine in the garden.

    01325 327342

  • Dafydd Jones

    Dafydd Jones

    Natural Environment & Access Projects Coordinator

    When he’s not knee-deep in the Skerne, Daf spends most of his days outdoors exploring the woods, clearing glades of fallen trees and opening up walkways.

    07394 565556

  • Sarah Barton

    Sarah Barton

    Training and Community Manager

    Sarah’s one of our public-facing members of the team and she certainly knows how to turn heads

    07587 635411

  • Laura Lynch

    Laura Lynch

    Marketing & Communications Officer

    Laura fully understands that communication is a two-way process.

    07892 645354

  • Lufffy

    Paul Black

    Programme Manager

    Just for once Programme Manager, Paul Black, stops rabbiting on...

    07790 750195

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