Deep Time – Archaeology Artificial Intelligence

Deep Time – Archaeology Artificial Intelligence. Our partner Dig Ventures are on a mission to find out how we can combine a teachable AI with crowd intelligence to discover and ‘ground truth’ archaeological sites.
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Deep Time – Archaeology Artificial Intelligence. Our partner Dig Ventures are on a mission to find out how we can combine a teachable AI with crowd intelligence to discover and ‘ground truth’ archaeological sites.

Led by Dig ventures with partner ArchAI, Deep Time is an exciting new project funded by Nesta’s Collective Intelligence Grants programme, to explore how the collaborative power of Crowd Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can be used to identify archaeology – and involve local people in the process.

Deep Time will explore the identification of archaeology at a massive scale, using LiDAR data and crowd intelligence to examine landscapes for archaeological features. Our crowd will help us train the AI to ‘see’ archaeology, and in turn, we’ll feedback cleaned-up data to help the AI learn. In some cases, we’ll head out into the field for a closer look at unknown features.

Our first-of-its-kind, replicable platform will revolutionise the capacity of the historic environment to inform spatial planning, de-risking development and landscape transformation whilst embedding local people in the decisions which deeply impact their lives. The sky is the limit!

Wider Relevance

The Nesta grants programme explores combining machine intelligence and crowd intelligence to tackle pressing social and environmental challenges and contribute to the UK’s COVID-19 recovery. We feel very strongly that one of the most important aspects of this award is that archaeology has been recognised as an essential public good, worthy of investment and exploration, alongside the many other important initiatives in our cohort.

As part of the current planning process, archaeology contributes £258m the UK economy. On a human level, archaeological research responds to our primal need to discover, connect and belong; but the sector struggles to channel its value and cement its position in civic life.

Our project hopes to facilitate this shift, co-creating datasets that underpin and describe the historic environment, preserving the distinctiveness of places, protecting fragile archaeology and positioning local people as stakeholders in the planning process. This methodology has wide implications for public and private land transformation projects, from climate change and carbon capture to housing development and large-scale infrastructure.

Study area – and how you can get involved!

As the BLM movement and Colston statue protests have recently made clear, there is no equality in heritage narratives – and the proposed pace of development risks adding to exclusion. We’re committed to making sure that our participants are drawn from all walks of life and levels of interest or experience with archaeology.

We’ll be testing our CI/AI model across a Study Area which encompasses 200km2 of lowland County Durham and Darlington. We’ve already done some fantastic community archaeology in the area, and now we’re counting on our strong existing networks to help us roll in some new folks to boldly go with us where no archaeologists have gone before! This area presents the perfect mix of varied landscape types, plus a very engaged group of diverse local stakeholders.

The project will be developing over summer 2021, and we’ll be looking for participants from the region and beyond to help us test our experiment.

If you’d like to help us build the world’s first CI/AI for archaeology, please sign up below – and stay tuned!

Our aim is to revitalise the history, heritage, and landscape along the River Skerne, made possible by the National Lottery Heritage FundDurham County Council’s Archaeology Section, and Durham Wildlife Trust.

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